Out of Office
Out of Office is an absurdist side eye to office culture starring Patti Harrison and Mitra Jouhari and produced by GIPHY Studios.
With Director @straussschulson, DP @jill.greenberg, this project experimented with long-form narratives that can be broken up into smaller parts, which we view as a natural progression in the evolution of original GIF-making, and of short-form content.
 (Animation starts at 1:50)
Along with the four animated clips featured in the film, we also created an additional six clips that serve as "out-of-office" messages.
We tasked four artists to reimagine Harrison and Jouhari's characters as inantimate objects and animals. We wanted their individual styles to remain intact while still melding into a coherent collection. 
Left to right: Loulou Joao, M Bialis, Headexplodie, ee c & Aimee Chang
Animation Production Credits:
Executive Producers: Arielle Martorana, Ben Loescher
Strategy: Alix McAlpine
Producer: Marina Campana
Art Director / Animation Concepts & Copy: Tianna Harvey
Original Artwork & Animation: Loulou Joao, M Bialis, Headexplodie, e.e.____c
Additional Animation: Aimee Chang
Featuring the talent of: Patti Harrison, Mitra Jouhari

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