Caked Up
Playing off of the internet trend of writing inappropriate messages on cakes, this series aimed to surprise viewers with irresistible, strange messages that they could share with their friends and family. 

We created 3D templates to quickly switch out messages, textures, and colors. Because of this customizability, we effortlessly created over 20 unique animations for different occasions. 
Birthday Wishes 
America has a problem. Saying "happy birthday" has become boring, and all too predictable. We all know what's coming and there's only a few socially acceptable variations: "happy bday," "happiest of birthdays," and "i haven't seen you in 10 years. hope you're well, happy birthday." We can do better.
Big Feelings 
Cakes are a great way to add sweetness to disappointing or embarrassing messages. 

Producer: Marina Campana
Art Direction / Animation: Tianna Harvey

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