A selection of GIFs and stickers produced by GIPHY, featuring an original character, "Footsie," an animated foot with a distinct flavor. 
Facial mocap is a useful tool for automated animation and thus has become an industry standard for film and other mediums. For this project, I explored this technique to animate an expressive foot character. I chose the 3D software, Cinema 4D to build this collection.

Motion Capture
Visuals created in Cinema4d and Redshift. Footsie's face was animated using motion capture data for a higher output. 
Other Applications
An invaluable software for 3D production, Cinema 4D is infinitely customizable, and quickly translatable across many character types: humanoid and otherwise. This project served as a vehicle for content creation, however, it also serves as a facial mocap template to be used across a variety of characters and objects.
For example, below I used the same setup and transferred the face to a very sad disco ball.
Executive Producers: Arielle Martorana, Ben Loescher
Producer: Marina Campana
Art Direction / Animation: Tianna Harvey 

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