"Blobs in Space" is a Webby Award Winner!!
A short film, Blobs in Space, is about the importance of connection, particularly in times of isolation.  Sazan Pasori, a fellow art director, and I dove into a longer format with this one-minute animated tale of love and friendship.
Floating into a void, Blobina comes across Bloberta, a sullen little blob with no interest in any kind of relationship. But Blobina gives it her best shot anyway.

"Blobs in Space" won the audience vote in "Weird" category.
Check out this short article on the making of the short below!
Created by Tianna Harvey & Sazan Pasori
Art Direction by Tianna Harvey & Sazan Pasori
Produced by Marina Campaña
Original song & lyrics written and performed by Sazan Pasori
Musical Performance by Tim Switzer
Additional Animation by April Wang & Audrey Beale
Storyboard Art by Jackie Albano & Tianna Harvey

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