Love, GIPHY is a project that explores how GIPHY's brand would translate into a VR medium. Created in Unreal Engine, this was a prototype to experiment with best practices in a growing and increasingly publicized space.  
To date, top selling VR experiences are overwhelmingly combat or shooter style games. We wanted to create an experience that felt social, yet curated, filled with a cast of unique characters. Although disturbingly quirky, it was also intended safe for all audiences.
We worked with a variety of specialists to create a well-rounded experience with UI, sound, and animation.
Main Menu
Enter into a virtual 90s bedroom. Romance is in the air. You, honorable VR player, are sat at a glowing desktop computer displaying a dating site, "LOVE, GIPHY." There you spot your potential soulmates, a cast of strange characters. Read about their character flaws, criminal records, and make an educated decision. This could be your soulmate after all... 
After you select your date, you are transported to the date location. Our prototype follows your meeting with a butterfly stockbroker named Jonathan.
 On first glance, he looks innocent and adorable, fluttering his little wings. But as you interact through a "choose your own adventure" style chat boxes, Jonathan reveals himself to be insufferable.
Our team created everything from the sound FX, UI, to the 3D models. Below I've attached a clip to show how they all work together within the context of the prototype.
Character Animations
As you interact with the text bubbles, certain choices trigger different character animations from Jonathan. Here we isolated five unique reactions: neutral, questioning, romantic, awkward, and annoyed -- and, additionally, a forward moving animation.
Creator/Art Director: Tianna Harvey, Producer: Marina Campana, UI/UX: Pete Freeman & Johanna Healey, Character Animation & Rigging: Ryan Somerville, Music: TJ Freda, Additional Creative Direction: Dark Igloo

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